Food Feeder Max

Efficient, Safe Self Feeding

The kidsme Food Feeder Max enables baby self-feeding safe and clean. Featuring a unique double sac design to satisfy your baby’s growing appetite. Our Food Feeder Max holds more food for your baby and you can transfer the food to the silicone sac by simply pressing with your finger enabling no waste with leftover food.

Available in Grey and Plum

Single Pack, Medium sac size, Item 160505

Single Pack, Large sac size, Item 160506

2-in-1 Silicone Oval Feeding System

Item 160507

kidsme 2-in-1 Silicone Oval Feeding System is soft, silicone material and wide oval shaped design. It provides seamless switching from breast to bottle, no nipple confusion, and less hassle when bottle feeding. The feeding functions includes liquid feeding and semi-solid food feeding. Give it a gentle squeeze at the start of a feeding to give your baby the experience of a weaning stage. A super wide neck can be easily cleaned by hand.

Available in Plum and Grey

Cooling Ring Soother

Item 9471

Cooling Ring Soother can be used at room temperature, however it can provide more relief if it is first placed in the refrigerator to cool. Diverse animal characters create interest and soothes gums.

  • Cool gel filled for extra relief
  • Easy to grasp, gentle on sore gums
  • Promote fine and gross motor skills